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Vasectomy is a one-day contraception procedure that consists of sealing off the supply of sperm to the semen.
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The vasectomy does not cause decreased sexual desire

  • 99% effective procedure
  • Low risk of complications
  • Quick recovery
  • Does not interfere with sexual activity
  • Reversible
  • Use of local anesthesia

No-Scalpel Vasectomy

In addition to this contraceptive method’s advantages, performing the procedure with the no-scalpel technique has other benefits. We use a specifically designed ringed clamp and dissecting hemostat to punch the scrotum. Since the skin won’t require stitches, it reduces the chances of discomfort, hurt, and inflammation.

There is less likelihood of bleeding and bruising, and recovery is faster than the traditional technique.

What you need to know about this surgery

It is a successful procedure that will prevent pregnancy; that’s why we recommend that you decide it voluntarily, informed, and with guidance.

Vasectomy Zone
The urologist will examine your medical history to determine any previous conditions or interventions and discard abnormalities in the testicles to ensure the procedure’s viability and perform it safely.
Surgery and recovery
  • Operation: about 20 minutes
  • Recovery: at home, moderate rest for a week
  • Activities: 1 day later, you can return to work as long as it does not involve physical exertion
  • Recommendations: if you want to have sexual intercourse, you can do it once the pain has passed. In the first months, we recommend using an auxiliary method of contraception. This recommendation extends to all times because although unwanted pregnancies will not be a concern, STDs’ risk still exists.

Analysis and follow-up The doctor will do two subsequent reviews to confirm that the sperm no longer exists in semen.

Testimonials from our patients

Satisfecho con mi vasectomía

Vasectomía. La mejor opción. Profesional, ético y con la mejor actitud. Resolvió todas mis dudas y me ayudo en todo momento desde mi intervención hasta mi recuperación total. Altamente recomendado.

Francisco Valenzuela
15 December, 2020

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Terms and conditions

Prices subject to evaluation of the patient. There might be changes without previous announcement. It includes the fees of the surgeon, assistant and anesthesiologist(local anesthesia with sedation). The prices shown in this page are in Mexican pesos and include taxes (IVA).