Testicular Cancer Surgery

We perform it on patients who have had severe trauma or as a treatment for testicular cancer, in some cases, prostate cancer
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When lumps appear in the testicles, the chance of being cancerous is high. Therefore a surgeon must remove them with the spermatic cord and testicle through a small cut in the groin. If desired, the surgeon can place artificial testicles in the scrotum to give a natural appearance.

Cancer treatment

  • One-day or short-stay procedure
  • One of the most effective ways to remove malignant tumors
  • Opening for an early cancer cure

What you need to know about this surgery


The doctor must know the medications you are taking and indicate to stop those with anticoagulant properties. You will arrive at fasting.

Surgery and recovery
  • Surgery: approximately 1 hour
  • Recovery: after four weeks. If you wish, you can resume sexual activity.
  • Activities: After one to two weeks. Avoid intense physical activity.
  • Recommendations: While recovering at home, the patient must use cold compresses and take analgesics. There will be instructions to avoid dampening the wound.

A surveillance program will begin in which the doctor will do check-ups and examinations. In case the testicle does not work, your doctor will supply hormone therapy with testosterone.

Testimonials from our patients

Cirugía de orquiectomía

Jonathan es muy buen doctor y ser humano y estuvo al pendiente de mi esposo después de su cirugía de orquiectomía. Gracias a él, mi esposo se trató pronto del cáncer y ahora se encuentra bien.

Santiago Maldonado Pérez
6 August, 2021

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