I am very thankful and satisfied

Although Dr. Jonathan Rodgríguez service was excellent, I have waited a 2 weeks since my appointment to determine whether the prescribed treatment / medication was working. Well it did. The doctor diagnosed a Fungal infection and prescribed two medications for a 7 day period. I was apparently the first patient he had seen who had undergone Aquablation Prostate Surgery for treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia which I had performed at Houston Methodist Hospital in Oct. 2021.

Dr. Rodríguez not only treated my fungal infection but performed an ultrasound to exam my prostate and a bladder void test. His exam confirmed that my surgery had been a success. Dr. Rodríguez did not have to undertake these additional procedures, but I was so thankful- Since it was gave me such peace of mind.

Richard Callahan
27 January, 2022