Men’s health check-up
Consulta Urológica

Laboratory tests + consultation

It includes tests, ultrasound, consultation with the urologist, and more. Ideal for men from 25 years old to 60. Track your overall health and as a complement to appraise diseases such as anemia, leukemia, diabetes, kidney dysfunction, thyroid dysfunction, erectile dysfunction, benign prostatic hyperplasia, and prostate cancer.

Package inclusions:

  • Consultation and ultrasound
  • Coagulation times
  • General urine test
  • Blood chemistry (24 elements)
  • Total testosterone
  • Complete blood count
  • Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA)

Total cost: $3,500 MXN

Step 1: Acquire the package

Fill out the form at the end of this page to request your appointment.

Step 2: Confirmation

Our team will contact you to schedule the sample collection for the exams and your appointment with Dr. Jonathan Rodríguez.

Step 3: Sample collection

You will need to fast on the day of the visit to our facilities. We will take blood and urine samples. Afterward, you can continue with your daily activities.

Step 4: Consultation

You will come to the urologist’s office for a check-up. We will ask you to drink plenty of water beforehand so that we can perform a digital uroflowmetry and bladder and prostate ultrasound with Bladder Post-Void Residual Volume measurement. The doctor will review your medical history, explain the analysis results, and prescribe treatment if necessary.

Dr. Jonathan Rodríguez - Cirujano Urólogo
Dr. Jonathan Rodríguez – Cirujano Urólogo

Men’s health check-up

Includes ultrasound, coagulation times, general urine test, blood chemistry (24 elements), total testosterone, complete blood count, and prostate-specific antigen (PSA) Total cost: $3,500 MXN (includes consultation). Fill out the form to request an appointment.

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