Dr. Jonathan Rodríguez
Urólogos en Vallarta

Urology Specialist

Dr. Jonathan Alonso Rodríguez Robles is a Urology specialist originally from El Grullo, Jalisco. He lives in Puerto Vallarta, and he desires to stay here. His goal is to combine specialized care with technology.

Academic credentials

During his training as a specialist, he practiced Male and Female Genitourinary Reconstructive Surgery; Urological Laparoscopy, and Cancer.

The doctor is committed to continuous learning to successfully solve the most complicated cases and improve his patients’ quality of life.

Dr. Jonathan Rodríguez
Dr. Jonathan Rodríguez

Profesional education



Urology, General Hospital of Mexico. License: 10336508.


General Surgeon

From the University Hospital of Puebla, México.


Bachelor’s Degree

Surgeon and Obstetrician. Faculty of Medicine, Centro Universitario del Sur, University of Guadalajara, México. License: 7406002.



  • Mexican Council of Urology, CONAMEU, No. 1283
  • High Specialty in Medicine, Endoscopic and Robotic Surgery in Urology, UNAM and Hospital General de México
  • Master in e-Health, Digital Health Management, ESDEN by Universidad Santander

A day in the life of Jonathan

Dr. Jonathan nurtures his patients’ connection, giving his time at each visit. The trust he builds with them is vital. He has a great passion for everything he does, his profession, his zest for life, his doggie Gaia, sports activity, and his love for the sea.